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6 Responses to “Contact”

  1. JeffAU Says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve been working on a flight script and I’ve purchased just about every Unity flight solution I can find however I haven’t been able to get the perfect flight script working as yet.

    Today I found your explanation at:

    Your comments at the link above are wonderful and sound like the perfect solution – the plane should even drop out of the sky with low thrust unlike any other solution I’ve found.

    Have you ever coded a flight script like the one you describe or do you think you would be able to?



  2. Hi

    I am new in using unity 3d Racing Game so i want to know how to make a professional racing game.
    can i have download any complete source code except unity official site and where is best
    unity car tutorial.


  3. Mozzarella Says:

    Please don’t stop blogging – I’m looking forward to Code optimization in unity: Part 3 :)!

  4. James Villanueva Says:

    Hey man what happened to Concrete Surfer?

  5. Jimmy James Says:


  6. Remember your good old game “Derby Destruction Arena Wrecker”? What happened to that? I can’t find any playable links to it and I’d love to relive the memories and play that game again.

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