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Damage Control

Posted in Games, Unity on 2011/02/03 by duck

Hello all,

Just posting to announce a new game that I recently finished working on at Skive. It’s another Unity 3D game, called “Damage Control“. ,It’s a much smaller production than our previous Unity game, but hopefully offers some bite-sized lunchbreak-style fun!

It’s an unusual action puzzle game in which you control a demolition wrecking ball with your mouse. You can swing the ball at the building to demolish any part you choose, however behind the front facade of the building are different coloured layers of brick.

The goal of the game is to match a “target pattern” (shown top-left) within a time-limit by knocking chunks out of the building front to reveal different coloured layers beneath.

Anyway, this video probably gives a better idea than my rambling!

The game was produced in a particularly short time-frame (25 days), and uses a Flash front-end for the interface, instructions and level-select screens.

You can play it at:

And you can read more about how this Unity game tied in with the KitKat site here:


Hometown GP : Launched!

Posted in Games, Unity on 2010/09/11 by duck

I’m really pleased to announce that our new game, “Hometown GP“, has been launched!

Hometown GP Screenshots

This is the latest browser based racing game from us at Skive, this one being a Formula 1 racer with a unique feature: By using a custom Google Maps interface, you can create your own tracks on real roads – pretty much anywhere in the world – and the game will dynamically generate a 3D racetrack which matches your route.

The idea is to be able to experience Formula 1 coming to your home town – so you could create a route which goes along your street, past your local shops or school, etc. Of course you can also choose to build anywhere else in the world too, if you feel like exploring! Combining Flash and Unity 3D technologies with route, altitude and satellite data from Google maps, this project breaks new ground when it comes to technology “Mash-Ups”.

If you’re logged in and finish 3 laps of your new track, it gets saved to the database and will show up as a marker pin along with everyone else’s tracks around the map of the world. You can share your tracks via facebook and twitter, and challenge your friends to beat your times on any course.

Here’s a video of the game in action:

Notable features:

  • Intuitive custom track designer built on Google’s route finding technology.
  • Dynamic 3D world created to match your design.
  • Analysis of real satellite & terrain data used to decide placement of trees, buildings and open space.
  • Real altitude data used to create track height and surrounding hills.
  • Realistic scales and Formula 1 speeds.
  • Dynamic driving assistance adapts to your performance – casual gamers and skilled drivers alike should find the game equally enjoyable without the need to fiddle with menus and settings.
  • Community features allow you to race other people’s tracks, and share your tracks with others.
  • Adaptive quality degradation ensures very high visual quality on high-spec machines, while low-spec machines prioritise framerate – without the need for manual settings.

You can play the the game here:

However you might also like to try some of these direct links to tracks which I think show off the game quite well:
(try and beat my times on these!)

And finally, some stills – for those of you who like that kind of thing!

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Yard Invaders 2 : experimental prototype

Posted in Games, Unity on 2010/09/02 by duck

Well, my “Procedural Racer” game has been taxiing for launch for quite a while now – as soon as it’s ready I will be posting here. In the meantime, here’s a video of an experimental gameplay prototype I put together, as a possible sequel to one of my very old 2D shockwave games called “Yard Invaders”.

I tried out a number of new things while putting this together, including:

  • Procedurally generated spherical terrain
  • Spherical gravity
  • Custom grass shader
  • Depth of field effects
  • Explosion effects (not detonator)
  • Intuitive auto-targeting of enemies

Whether this ever makes it to the status of a finished game remains subject to the mysterious tides of fate.

Racing Game Sneak Peek

Posted in Games, Unity on 2010/06/22 by duck

I’ve been very quiet over the last few months, because I’ve been working on our latest Unity game. It’s crunch time right now – the game is due to be released shortly – and I’m getting pretty excited about being able to show it off! I can’t give away too much yet, but I do have the all-clear to release a few development screen captures to whet your appetite!

What I can share:

– It’s a racing game
– It features very fast cars
– It has procedurally created tracks, meaning it has… INFINITE LEVELS!

Here’s some video. (The track building process has had gratuitous animation added for artistic effect):

And here are a few stills of the procedural system with some explanations:

First a track surface mesh is build based on a 3d spline curve

Detail objects are added along the roadside

Non-intersecting positions are calculated for larger scenery objects
Non-intersecting locations are calculated for larger roadside scenery

A heightmap is computed which fits the spline, and objects are automatically grounded to it

And here are a few in-game shots of some of the possible track layouts:

First a track surface mesh is build based on a 3d spline curve

Christmas! (1 of 2) – Blast from the past : Snowfight 3D

Posted in Games, Shockwave on 2009/12/23 by duck

Well, in the grand (and now seemingly dead or perhaps dormant) tradition of “christmas demos” from the golden age of shockwave, I was hoping to have a nice shiny new Unity christmas demo for you yesterday. However, at the end of last week my PC was hit by such a beastly virus that I ended up having to completely reformat and reinstall everything, which set me back a bit in my schedule.

So I have just finished getting the Unity demo ready – and I’m pretty pleased with it, but for reasons outside of my control it can’t be released on the live server until tomorrow. All I can say is that it involves ice sculputures, a giant excavator, and plenty of physics! In the meantime, in case you have nothing better to do than wait with bated breath, I’m posting one of my shockwave games from times gone by. In case you haven’t seen this before, it’s been knocking around the web since about 2002. This was actually one of the first 3D games I ever made, and I had a request recently asking where it had gone. Here it is (the link to play is at the bottom after the images). And tomorrow… the Unity 3D christmas demo.

The aim is simply to destroy all the snowmen on the level. CTRL throws snowballs, and SPACE ducks & reloads.

Other kids stand guard, so you often have to take them out before you can get a clean shot at the snowmen. I gave them fairly decent AI, incorporating a field of view and sound detection, so sometimes the stealthy approach is better.

If you want to get ahead, learn how to use the first-person aiming mode (hold RETURN), and strafing (Z & X).

Three-Dimensional Snowfight : Play Now

Enjoy! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s Unity 3D christmas installment!