Young Games Designer’s Week – Day 4/5

Day 4 complete. At the start of today I introduced the idea of “Feature Lock”, meaning the deadline for implementing new features. Our feature lock deadline is the end of today. Tomorrow (the last day of the course) should be reserved for play testing, bug fixing, polish and publishing. This means all the core gameplay mechanics for the game should be complete and working, even if some parts of the game are still using placeholder art, or have no sound, for instance.

The students all made a lot of progress again today, with some games looking almost finished by lunchtime, while others are cutting it somewhat finer in terms of getting a finished playable game ready for tomorrow. One of the difficult parts of running this workshop is making sure that everyone understands how much we can and cannot get done by the end of the week, and which elememts to focus on. For example, having a working title screen, lives system and game over screen which allows the game to be restarted is more important than finding some royalty free music for each level, or tweaking particle system effects!

Anyway, here are some more screenshots of the games. We have a really nice mix of styles including 2D platformers, first-person maze and exploration games, driving games, tank combat, a vertical scrolling shooter and the LHC Particle game mentioned above! We’re hoping to get them uploaded by the end of tomorrow so they will all be playable.


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