Young Game Designer’s Week : Day 3

Day 3: All the students are well into their own game production now. Today featured a lot less teaching up on the big projector and more one-to-one time with each student tackling the challenges unique to their projects.

I introduced the idea of setting “milestones” as a way to track progress and ensure students are concentrating on the highest priority areas of their game development first. This is to ensure we don’t get bogged down in details (such as artwork) before we have all the basic game mechanics implemented. Many of the students ended the day with the functionality implemented for a title screen, game over and end-game conditions, and other “core mechanics” they’ve chosen such as collecting items, opening doors, etc. We still have a long way to go with only two days left though, so I’m trying to instil the idea that tomorrow (Day 4/5) should be considered the last day in terms of implementing features, and Day 5 should be solely about testing, polish (and adding any extra art to replace placeholders), and publishing.

Some snapshots of some of the games in development:


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