Young Game Designer’s Summer School – Day 1 Complete

Day 1 complete! The starting skill level of the students is little-to-no experience with Unity or game programming. Some of them have done a little coding in other languages, and some have done some quake mapping using quake level editor tools.

This morning was spent mainly getting familiar with the editor, the various windows, creating primitives, manipulating objects in the scene view, importing simple assets (textures, 3d models), materials. In the afternoon we all created a very simple game together designed to quickly tie in a lot of basic concepts such as collisions, prefabs, instantiation, physics, and some simple scripting covering applying forces, sound sources, spot audio effects, detecting collisions and destroying objects with explosions!

Our sample game involved spinning flying saucers flying over a simple scene, with the first person controller modified to fire physics objects when the mouse is clicked. When the saucers were hit, they fall to the ground before bursting into flames.

From tomorrow the students will be branching out with their own game ideas – starting with making a simple game design and specification document, including deciding on what are achievable targets within the remaining four days. Should be interesting 😀


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