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Damage Control

Posted in Games, Unity on 2011/02/03 by duck

Hello all,

Just posting to announce a new game that I recently finished working on at Skive. It’s another Unity 3D game, called “Damage Control“. ,It’s a much smaller production than our previous Unity game, but hopefully offers some bite-sized lunchbreak-style fun!

It’s an unusual action puzzle game in which you control a demolition wrecking ball with your mouse. You can swing the ball at the building to demolish any part you choose, however behind the front facade of the building are different coloured layers of brick.

The goal of the game is to match a “target pattern” (shown top-left) within a time-limit by knocking chunks out of the building front to reveal different coloured layers beneath.

Anyway, this video probably gives a better idea than my rambling!

The game was produced in a particularly short time-frame (25 days), and uses a Flash front-end for the interface, instructions and level-select screens.

You can play it at:

And you can read more about how this Unity game tied in with the KitKat site here: