Hometown GP : Launched!

I’m really pleased to announce that our new game, “Hometown GP“, has been launched!

Hometown GP Screenshots

This is the latest browser based racing game from us at Skive, this one being a Formula 1 racer with a unique feature: By using a custom Google Maps interface, you can create your own tracks on real roads – pretty much anywhere in the world – and the game will dynamically generate a 3D racetrack which matches your route.

The idea is to be able to experience Formula 1 coming to your home town – so you could create a route which goes along your street, past your local shops or school, etc. Of course you can also choose to build anywhere else in the world too, if you feel like exploring! Combining Flash and Unity 3D technologies with route, altitude and satellite data from Google maps, this project breaks new ground when it comes to technology โ€œMash-Upsโ€.

If you’re logged in and finish 3 laps of your new track, it gets saved to the database and will show up as a marker pin along with everyone else’s tracks around the map of the world. You can share your tracks via facebook and twitter, and challenge your friends to beat your times on any course.

Here’s a video of the game in action:

Notable features:

  • Intuitive custom track designer built on Google’s route finding technology.
  • Dynamic 3D world created to match your design.
  • Analysis of real satellite & terrain data used to decide placement of trees, buildings and open space.
  • Real altitude data used to create track height and surrounding hills.
  • Realistic scales and Formula 1 speeds.
  • Dynamic driving assistance adapts to your performance – casual gamers and skilled drivers alike should find the game equally enjoyable without the need to fiddle with menus and settings.
  • Community features allow you to race other people’s tracks, and share your tracks with others.
  • Adaptive quality degradation ensures very high visual quality on high-spec machines, while low-spec machines prioritise framerate – without the need for manual settings.

You can play the the game here:


However you might also like to try some of these direct links to tracks which I think show off the game quite well:
(try and beat my times on these!)

And finally, some stills – for those of you who like that kind of thing!

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

Hometown GP Screenshot

27 Responses to “Hometown GP : Launched!”

  1. Gorgeous graphics

  2. Lipis Says:

    Great job Duck…!! and a cool idea.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. dendrophile Says:

    Nice one Ben!

  4. I am downloading this and trying it out! Cool concept, physics don’t look to realistic comared to normal F1 cars, but i’m still going to try it out. You have a twitter I can follow? I tweeted this post on mine for you.

  5. […] F1, Google Maps mashup A very neat application surfaced this weekend via tweets by @robotduck. An official Vodafone F1 application lets you build the profile of a track you race from the roads […]

  6. wooom… hahaha… nice to see yours ๐Ÿ˜† this is look so entertaint me and I just want to say: Many thanks, pal.

  7. chris Says:

    looks really nice. it must have been alot of work.

  8. Looks amazing. I love the vid. Can’t wait to race past my house on the isle of dogs!

  9. Trond Abusdal Says:

    Awesome stuff, Duckets! I have been really looking forward to this since you first showed the teasers earlier this year, and it totally blows me away! It runs silk-smooth on my four-year old MBP, and the visuals and feel is great ๐Ÿ™‚ The track building stuff is awesome! Procedural content generation is cool for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on a job well done!


  10. esimov Says:

    definitely one of the coolest web application i ever seen!

  11. esimov Says:

    as a matter of fact how many person contributed to the realization of this game? and what google api did you integrated in the game? and one last question (i could ask even more:) ) did you used some kind of algorithm to draw the mashed road based on the data obtained from google? thanks

  12. […] Cool stuff with Google Maps street view Teleporter – passes the time… Globe Genie – Joe McMichael Hometown Grand Prix creator – not tried this one yet, but looks promising! Hometown GP : Launched! robotduck […]

  13. Wow, very cool idea. Just raced a fun loop in Colorado. Many props.

  14. I just dropped by because my website said I got two hits from this page (it’s from the auto-generator thing at the bottom for related topics) — and ended up enjoying the stills! Slick-lookin’ game you got there.

  15. […] robotduck « Hometown GP : Launched! […]

  16. Looks great, I have been working on a similar concept by myself, damn you guys for beating me to it ๐Ÿ˜› Some work to be done on the handling maybe?

  17. is this game still working? would like to play but links seems to be dead … any clue?

  18. its dead help

  19. if its back do tell me.

  20. This looks absolutely amazing. But it looks like I’m not able to play it, the link gives me a 404. Surely a game of this quality, and with this amount of work behind it, can’t just 404 after a couple of months already?

  21. Website…

    Hometown GP : Launched! « robotduck…

  22. […] Hometown GP which is nowhere to be found anymore also has a similar track […]

  23. I miss this game. Damn Yodafone for taking it away from me!

  24. The game appears to be completely offline, and so the server racing.vodafone.com… What happened? Is it playable somehow, somewhere?

  25. Guillermo Capurro Says:

    Is the game still working????

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