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Racing Game Sneak Peek

Posted in Games, Unity on 2010/06/22 by duck

I’ve been very quiet over the last few months, because I’ve been working on our latest Unity game. It’s crunch time right now – the game is due to be released shortly – and I’m getting pretty excited about being able to show it off! I can’t give away too much yet, but I do have the all-clear to release a few development screen captures to whet your appetite!

What I can share:

– It’s a racing game
– It features very fast cars
– It has procedurally created tracks, meaning it has… INFINITE LEVELS!

Here’s some video. (The track building process has had gratuitous animation added for artistic effect):

And here are a few stills of the procedural system with some explanations:

First a track surface mesh is build based on a 3d spline curve

Detail objects are added along the roadside

Non-intersecting positions are calculated for larger scenery objects
Non-intersecting locations are calculated for larger roadside scenery

A heightmap is computed which fits the spline, and objects are automatically grounded to it

And here are a few in-game shots of some of the possible track layouts:

First a track surface mesh is build based on a 3d spline curve