Christmas! (2 of 2) – Have a Smashing One! : The Skive Unity 3D Christmas Demo

So here it is – delayed, but just in time. It’s my christmas Unity 3D demo. Let loose with a giant excavator amongst the snow and ice sculptures.

Making full use of Unity’s physics engine, and some of the pro features such as refraction in the ice shader, full-screen glow and ambient occlusion (although these features are automatically deactivated if the frame rate drops too low).

The demo will fill your browser window, so if you find its running at too slow a frame rate, you can always reduce the size of the window. You can also manually flip up and down through the quality degradation steps, by holding down ‘Q’ and pressing ‘1’ or ‘2’.

Use arrow keys to control the scoop and exacator body, and use WSAD to control the tracks. Enjoy!

Mmm, refractive bump mapped ice!

Time to get cracking!

Once you manage to navigate your way to the ice block, it’s fairly easy to break

My work here is done!

Or is it?… destroy the rest!

The Skive Unity3D Christmas Demo – Click here to play!


7 Responses to “Christmas! (2 of 2) – Have a Smashing One! : The Skive Unity 3D Christmas Demo”

  1. This is really nice, I want to include destroyable structures like this in a project I’m working on too

  2. Very fun, and beautiful to boot. Nicely done.

  3. Nice work Ben!

    Is this your first public foray with Unity?

  4. Very cool! Great physics and graphics. 🙂

  5. Love it! Very nice job.

  6. Irene Says:

    Hi Ben,

    I would like to know your work more since I am really amazed by your work, particularly the most recent one skive Unity 3D Christmas and the previous one AR driving. My research is very similiar to the area you work. I hope I can get connected with you.
    Currenly I am working on to build a vitual excavator in order to train the operators and your skype 3D Unity inspires me.
    Thank you.

  7. Mark Time Says:

    I really love the excavator you have, And was wondering if you have any examples of joints, Hinge and Slider as I’m trying to make a Forklift truck which needs the forks to raise and lower and also the slider which the dorks are attached to needs to tilt forward and backwards all keyboard controlled. Any tips you could give me would be great. Thanks Mark

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