Christmas! (1 of 2) – Blast from the past : Snowfight 3D

Well, in the grand (and now seemingly dead or perhaps dormant) tradition of “christmas demos” from the golden age of shockwave, I was hoping to have a nice shiny new Unity christmas demo for you yesterday. However, at the end of last week my PC was hit by such a beastly virus that I ended up having to completely reformat and reinstall everything, which set me back a bit in my schedule.

So I have just finished getting the Unity demo ready – and I’m pretty pleased with it, but for reasons outside of my control it can’t be released on the live server until tomorrow. All I can say is that it involves ice sculputures, a giant excavator, and plenty of physics! In the meantime, in case you have nothing better to do than wait with bated breath, I’m posting one of my shockwave games from times gone by. In case you haven’t seen this before, it’s been knocking around the web since about 2002. This was actually one of the first 3D games I ever made, and I had a request recently asking where it had gone. Here it is (the link to play is at the bottom after the images). And tomorrow… the Unity 3D christmas demo.

The aim is simply to destroy all the snowmen on the level. CTRL throws snowballs, and SPACE ducks & reloads.

Other kids stand guard, so you often have to take them out before you can get a clean shot at the snowmen. I gave them fairly decent AI, incorporating a field of view and sound detection, so sometimes the stealthy approach is better.

If you want to get ahead, learn how to use the first-person aiming mode (hold RETURN), and strafing (Z & X).

Three-Dimensional Snowfight : Play Now

Enjoy! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s Unity 3D christmas installment!


9 Responses to “Christmas! (1 of 2) – Blast from the past : Snowfight 3D”

  1. This is the best winter game on the internet. Have you ever considered making a sequel?

  2. When I follow your link I don’t see any flash applet load, just the green page with nothing on it. Do you know what might be going wrong for me? I’d love to play this game again!

  3. roniwx Says:

    This is the best snow/winter game I know when I was little I played this game every day. Please make a seconed game(with the same graphics and players) Thank you.

  4. it would be SO COOL if you made another one of this, like a multiplayer one, or even just 1 with different stages

    i give this game 10/10

  5. Fabian Says:

    This game needs to come out with a sequel and a multi player version. My and my girlfriend love this game and want to play it togther!!! or vs each other. make it happen!! I’ll give you money. Best game ever

  6. airshot Says:

    who made the music?

  7. RETROgamer Says:

    you guys!! robot duck took this game down! I cant find it anywhere!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO

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